My presentation

While I was researching Square Enix, a lot of my research was from Did You Know Gaming’s video on Kingdom Hearts and Extra Play’s: The Animation of Kingdom Hearts. While I was researching, most of the things I learned were purely about character design and small bits of trivia about how Square Enix partnered with Disney. My research was too focused on one game, whereas other people focused on other gamesĀ as well. Lots of my research was cut from the power point before hand because I was worried I’d over run the time limit, but some other interesting points include unused and untextured character models in the Kingdom Hearts game files, as well as entire unused worlds.

My delivery of my presentation was a bit of a shambles. I panicked before hand and cut half of my slides, but the biggest problem was how I focused on one game. I was trying to use that game to link Square Enix and Disney, but I ended up rambling about the character and level design, instead of drawing clear links. Another problem was that I decided to explain why I was inspired by Square Enix unscripted, so lots of this was rambling and even though it was from the heart, it wasn’t what I was supposed to do.

Below is the link to my presentation




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