Picture1.pngTo create my spaceship I used the extrude tool to morph a cube into a spaceship. I also used the mirror tool to mirror the top half of the ship to create the lower half of the ship, the merge tools to fix some stray vertices.

I ran into some issues while trying to mirror the top half of the ship, because I ended up with 2 separate parts that were ‘merged’ but not together, so I moved the parts closer together, however in doing this it caused vertices to break and meant that inside the model there was lots of unused faces. The vertices were fixed by selecting them and merging them to the middle, and this isn’t causing problems anymore. I am still in the process of deleting the faces that are inside the ship, but it’s easily fixed by just deleting them.

I really like how my model is right now. I based my model on one of the ships out of Thunderbirds. I like the main body shape of the ship, however I definitely need to work on the engines, and the wings could also do with some work. I think I’d also like to add some more detail to it, because there is a complete section on the back that I missed so far.


I have finished off my spaceship. I merged the vertices around the middle of the ship where I had mirrored it because that hadn’t worked when I mirrored it. I added some engines at the back using the bevelling tool, I fixed the wings and I added the bar thing at the back by extruding the areas around the engines, then stretching the vertices and edges into the right shape.


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