Walking Simulator

Today I created a small room scene in Unity using 3D models and shapes from Unity. I created a room that the player can move around in with gravity in a first person camera view. I added collision to the model tables and chairs so that players can’t run into them. I also created code that I attached to an object, the key, which caused the key to disappear and the door to rotate open. And lastly, I learned how to create a code to attach a description to the item (in this case a key). I even added some colour material to my scene to make it look nicer.




I ran into a couple of issues when I was coding, mostly just accidental typos. I struggles when it came to the code to add a description to the key, however I eventually realised that I had forgotten to add an extra line of code at the top for UI, and that I had forgotten to allow text UI on screen in the game.

I really like the scene that I created, I love the models (even though I didn’t make those ones) and I really like the layout. I’m happy with the code because I could follow what was happening and overall it actually works. One thing that I need to improve is that the highlighter because before you select the key it just says ‘New Text’ and it looks kinda dumb.




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