Volume and Overlapping

A couple of weeks ago in Tony’s concept art lesson we learned about volume and overlapping. We first learned about how to add volume to our art and give the illusion of depth to a drawing. We then drew a bear by overlapping circles and spirals around the bear to show the shape and volume of the bear. This taught me how to create depth with the drawing and focus more on the shape at the beginning rather than the fine details. (I will get a scan of this picture to better show how it looks)


We then had to use these skills to create a cartoon drawing of ourselves. We looked at Adventure Time, because Adventure Time characters are drawn with 3D shapes and then add the detail of the characters. I then created an Adventure Time style cartoon character of myself, using the method of making 3D shapes and then evolving this into a character. My first attempt didn’t really work out so well, so in my own time I created another one, this time deliberately giving the character a 3D pose.


I really like the posing and how it worked out. I’m really happy with this drawing because I have never drawn in this art style before, so this was a fun learning curve and I’m happy with the outcome. I don’t like the legs so much because I didn’t add any feet, it seemed pointless, and it definitely needs colour. My next step is to use Adobe Illustrator to improve and add colour to it. Admittedly I am going to get around to this later than I anticipated because I left it to last minute without having the software at home.


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