Brush practice

Today we practised using Adobe Photoshop, and more specifically experimenting with different brushes and other options. We first chose monochrome pictures of people, I chose Audrey Hepburn. We made a lightly coloured silhouette of the head with a big brush, 100 opacity and 100 flow, then neatened up this silhouette with the rubber tool to shape it a little better. We then made a new layer to show where the darker areas were (this layer was clipped so that we couldn’t go outside of the lines of the silhouette), and used a smaller brush with 100 opacity, 100 flow and a darker colour to bring out the darker areas of the face. Finally, we created another layer, and on this layer we blended around the dark areas to make it look more realistic, and for this brush we used varied sized brushes, 40 opacity and 20 flow.

I had some issues navigating my way around Photoshop, because this was only the second or third time I had used Photoshop and I hadn’t gotten my head around the tools and layers yet, however whenever I got stuck I asked for Tony’s help and he taught me how to use the brush tools and how to set up the brushes I needed. I had a little bit of trouble setting up the graphics tablet because I had never used on before, however I worked it out eventually.

I really like what I have done so far. I love what I did when the colours were block, however I think I need to work on the blending brush because that looks patchy and weird. For next time, I should work on the brush tools for blending the dark and light areas, because I was too heavy in the wrong areas with that.



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