Spaceship model refinement

Today I worked on refining my Thunderbird 2 model. I mostly worked on moving around the edges on the main body of the ship to make the shape look smoother. I also worked on the wings and angled them better, as well as changing the shape slightly and making them thinner. I also change the nose of the ship to smooth it out and make it look nicer, however I ran into some issues with this, because something was wrong with one of the vertices, which meant that I couldn’t bevel the edge that I wanted to bevel. To fix this, Matt helped me to use target weld and connect to move edges around and work out where the issue was

Alice’s feedback was that my spaceship looked really good. She said it was great that I had taken inspiration from another spaceship and that it looked smooth and nice. She said that to improve I could maybe use the Boolean tools to indent the engines.


I used the Boolean tool and a pipe polygon to add some detail to the engines on my spaceship. I also played around with some of the edges on the bottom of the ship to add a little more detail there.

I am very happy with my spaceship so far, because I think it looks really close to Thunderbird picture I modelled it from. I really like the shape that I’ve made it into today. but I’m a bit concerned about the detail I added to the engines because there was some stray vertices there, but I merged them with some other vertices and it hasn’t caused any issues so far.

I am going to work on it a little more at home, and when I am happy I will publish it later on.

Posted in: 3D

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