UV unwrapping

UV unwrapping is basically unfolding the model into 2D so that it can be textured. To UV unwrap a part of the model, you first select the faces on the model that you want to UV unwrap, then go into UV Editor, hold shift + right click and select ‘Planar map’ to map the UVs. Then hold right click, change to UVs, then hold shift + right click and select ‘Unfold’ or ‘Smooth UV tool’ in UV Editor to unfold the UVs. You can then sew the seems together, using right click to change to ‘edge’, then selecting the edges you want to sew together, then holding shift + right click and selecting ‘Move and Sew UVs’ in UV Editor, which sews the seems together. Then use ‘Unfold’ or ‘Smooth UV tool’ again to flatten out the UVs again.

While I was UV unwrapping, I understood what I was doing. I didn’t get as far as texturing to see how my UV unwrapping looked, but I understand as far as that what to do. I understood how to do the steps up to that, and spent some time helping other people understand that too, which is probably why I didn’t make any more progress than that. I have managed to do the wings and underside of the spaceship, and I feel like I have done those to a good standard. Plus, I understand everything up to that part, so I don’t think it went badly.

The part I found most difficult was visualising which parts would unfold which way, and at home I need to practice the steps after UV unwrapping each part, because I didn’t get around to that yet.

Posted in: 3D

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