Flash game developer research

The first game developer I decided to research was Ironhide Game Studio, the creators of the Kingdom Rush games, as well as Clash of the Olympians, and Soccer Challenge World Cup Edition 2010. Ironhide Game Studio is an independent game studio based in Uruguay, founded in 2010 by three friends with a passion for games, Alvaro Azofra, Pablo Realini, and Gonzalo Sande. Ironhide Game Studio is made up of a team of 19 people, consisting of the 3 founders, 4 programmers, 1 technical artist, 6 artists, 2 games designers, 2 engineers, and 1 community manager. Most famous for the Kingdom Rush games (including Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Origins), Ironhide studios also created some lesser known games such as Clash of the Olympians and Soccer Challenge World Cup Edition 2010. Soccer Challenge World Cup Edition 2010 was Ironhide Game Studio’s first game, and it is an online trivia game about football. Clash of the Olympians was Ironhide Game Studio’s next game, a free game on Google Play, in which you play as one of 3 legendary Greek heroes, and you defend a temple from hordes of incoming monsters. Each hero has a specific power, for example Perseus uses a bow to shoot missiles, and Achilles launches spears at the enemies.

The second game developer I researched was King. King is an independent company, founded in 2003, and is based in Stockholm, with game studios worldwide in Malmo, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Singapore, and Seattle, along with offices in San Francisco, Malta, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Bucharest, and with over 1400 employees worldwide. Their games are widely accessible worldwide, and have broad appeal, making their titles ideal for casual players too. King have developed over 200 titles, the most popular franchises including Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and Bubble Witch. Most of King’s most popular games follow the same formula of matching blocks, and are designed to addict players. Activision Blizzard recently bought in to King, and became King’s parent company in February 2016.


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