Holidays catch-up post

Over the week break, I continued to work on all of my projects. This post is to reflect on the work I have done over this last week so that I don’t lose track and forget what I have done.

22nd and 23rd October: I spent all day researching Japanese mythology to inspire my robots. I looked into legends such as Susano and Yamato no Orochi, Issun Boshi, the Onamazu and Kashima, the Kitsune, and the Enenra to name a few. I still have more to look into, but my research so far has inspired me.

24th, 25th and 26th October: I spent these days fixing code within my Unity project. I fixed code for the radio toggling (which previously didn’t toggle because the game was set to start with the radio playing music). I also added more game features, I added RayCasting and a crosshair to make it easier to know where you are aiming. I also added new dialog to the radio, and worked out how to use ‘if’ and ‘else’ statements to make the highlighter say different things dependant on whether the inventory contains the battery. I also fixed some smaller things, such as the permanent ‘new text’ and the structure of the house, and mathematically placed the walls to try and smooth out any parts of the house that stuck out or looked weird.

27th: I spent this day making the concept art for Matt’s room. I had planned to make a science lab for this project, and I spent a long time visualising and sketching up drawings of the room and the furniture. I alternated between adding different sized boxes in Maya to the scene as a placeholder, and then going back to my sketchbook and drawing in what that placeholder represented. I mostly did this because I struggled to visualise how the room would look in 2D, especially finer details such as the desk clutter.

28th: I spent what I could of Friday prioritising my work. I realised I should prioritise the Walking Simulator, and I knew that I had to make 3D models for that, so I sneakily prioritised various assets from the  science lab scene that could be re-usable. This consisted mostly of small bits of desk clutter , and the books and bookshelves. I had planned to prioritise other small models, but figured it was best to not chose too many or I might not give myself enough time to make bigger models necessary only for the Walking Simulator. I then got to work on making some of the smaller models, and made a cup in Maya by starting off with a cylinder, deleting the top and bottom faces, extruding to make the inside of the cup, then extruding around to underneath the cup. I then added edgeloops to make the areas to extrude for the handle, then used to bridge tool to make the handle itself. I then tidied it up by adding more edgeloops and tweeking various places, then finally hit smooth and added the texture, done. I then switched to Unity and spread a couple around the house as clutter, changing colours occasionally to mix it up.

29th October: I spent this day making a 3D models of books to go with the bookshelf I planned to make. I spent the best part of the day making the book models in Maya, which I did by extruding half of the spine out of the bottom of the cover, then extruding half of the pages out of the bottom of the cover, then using ‘duplicate special’ to mirror it and merge it into one. I then UV unwrapped the book, and added 3 different lamberts, all saved as different FBX files to make a blue, green and red book.

30th October: I spent this day adding some of my newly created 3D models into Unity. I started off by making an extremely simple bookshelf model, and exporteing it into an FBX file. I then hopped over to Unity and loaded the bookshelf model, gave it a dark brown, wood-like material, and gave it a fitted box collider so that the player can’t walk into it. I then fitted books into the shelves in complete random order, and listed this under an empty child called ‘complete bookshelf’ so that everything could be moved together. I then duplicated that a couple of times and spread the completed bookshelves around the house to fill space.

31st October: I spent some of today working out how to make a 3D model of a bed, to use in the bedroom in my Walking Simulator game. Honestly, I didn’t finish it because I struggled to work out how to do it, so I haven’t finished it because I’m a little unsure what I’m doing. I started by making a simple bed frame, and then I planned to make a mattress but it kept misbehaving and not working properly, so I took some time to relax and UV unwrap the bed frame. I think I left off with the mattress half finished, so tomorrow lunch I plan to fix that up and finish that. I also spent some time today making a little bit of concept art for a character for Chris’s task that he set us over the holiday, to create a character and a scenario for a 2D platformer. My character is a cute little astronaut lady, who currently doesn’t have a name, but she is inspired by classic 60’s cartoons, so her art style looks very classic cartoon, and her posing and outfit look very 60’s with a couple of small futuristic additions.


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