Researching ideas for Christmas game

Today I looked at some classic platformers as inspiration for the Christmas game we are making. I looked at Castlevania, and Ice Climber.

I looked at Castlevania because of the side scrolling mechanic. I hadn’t played it before so I wasn’t sure if I was looking in the right direction, however after playing it I found that it could be useful to inspire my Christmas game. I think that it could possibly be adapted to Santa and the whip could be exchanged to Santa’s sack of presents.

Ice Climber was my next port of call, because I like the game mechanics involved. The idea of a vertical platformer isn’t common, and it’s outside of the box. I thought it could present a cool challenge to code and that it would stand out from the rest. The idea was that Santa Clause could scale a building or monument in Sunderland, which could help towards the extra point bonus. As a team, our final idea wast to have Santa scale the college and throw presents through the windows for students.


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