VFX logo animation

Today we used a premade logo, imported it into After Effects, and animated it to move and rotate. I started by opening the file in Adobe Illustrator, and putting each symbol into a different layer. I then saved it as a file that can open as a PDF, and moved over to Adobe After Effects. I then made a new composition and set the display as 1080 25, and set the duration time to 5 seconds. I then imported the logo, making sure that on import, it imported each layer separately. I then dragged those into the bottom panel. Then, I made a null, and made this null the parent of the triangle, square and circle. This grouped them together, and any animations I made on this null affected the shapes that it is the parent of. I also made sure that all of those objects had ‘3D layer’ and ‘vector layer’ selected, so that they had a Z axis, and stayed as vectors.

I then made a keyframe to make them move backwards. To make a new key frame, you go onto whatever you want to make animate, and click the stopwatch next to it, which allows you to make, flick between and delete keyframes. I then moved to the end keyframe, and set the symbols to their end point. I then moved over to the first keyframe and moved the symbols where they are meant to start, and hit play. After that, I right clicked on the end keyframe and selected ‘keyframe assistant’, and then ‘Easy Ease in’ which drags out the end of the animation to make it look smoother. I then did the same thing on the square and circle as individual objects, so that they spun around the y axis as they floated backwards.

Posted in: VFX

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