UV continued

Today I continued UV unwrapping. I finished making the planar maps of my ship in UV editor, and then I added a checker lambert to it so that I could scale the UVs the same all around. I scaled them all so that all of the UV maps were relative to eachother, and this took most of the time because it’s tricky. The next step was using the layout function to shrink them all at the same scale (so that they would stay relative to eachother). I then moved around the UV maps to create a little more space between the tool, and then I took a UV snapshot, which made a PNG of the UVs with 2048 x 2048 dimensions. I then imported the PNG of the UVs to Photoshop, where I am going to make my Thunderbird 2 texture for the model.checkerboard-thunderbird


I think I did a good job of UV unwrapping. I actually really like UV unwrapping, and I think that the part I learned today was much easier than the mapping.

I had a couple of problems selecting all of the UVs when resizing them, but that was mostly just me being dozy and accidentally misjudging the selection. I also had a small issue saving the UV screenshot, it was saving in the right place, it just wasn’t saving for some reason. I just reloaded it and tried again, and that time it worked. I also took way too long to work out that you have to press ‘6’ to go into texture mode, which was more funny than tragic.

My next step is to make the texture for my Thunderbird model. I plan to use Photoshop to make separate layers for each map of the model. I’m thinking about maybe getting a metal texture, then turning the opacity down and painting over with green, and then in block colours using the paintbrush to make the markings on the ship, including the windows and stripes, and then using text to make the numbers and words on the side of the ship.


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