Christmas game concept art

I spent most of today working on concept art for the Christmas game we are making. We brainstormed come character ideas, and then spread out the task of making those characters. Ebonny took Santa Clause and Mrs Clause, Chloe took the elf, Eden worked on little sprites of us, and I worked on Mary and Joseph. We spent Tuesday morning drawing up sketches of these characters, unfortunately I only currently have my own sketches.

(Concept art: Mary and Joseph)

This afternoon, we made digital versions of our characters. I took up the task of animating the enemies, birds that fly horizontally across the screen, so I spent the time making digital sketches from reference videos of birds flying. I have made 4 frames for the wings flapping, one with the wings up, one with the wings down, and then two with the wings in the middle. I have done this by using Photoshop, then making 4 layers (and a background), one for each frame, and making sketches on each layer of the bird. My next step is to make pixel sprite versions of these four frames, so that it can be imported to Animate, then cycled through in a flying animation using Motion Tween.


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