Inside the Box: Research and concept art

I have chosen to go for option 2 for my project, the spaceship interior. More specifically, I am planning to make a laboratory, however the style of this laboratory is going to be steampunk inspired, mixed with futuristic technology. I plan to make lots of little tools like petri dishes, flasks, syringes and bell jars, however I also want to include more futuristic features like monitors in the desks and walls, to create a space that looks like a cool mix of the two. I also want to include some ironic features, like bookshelves and plants. The look I am going for is like 19th Century science lab on a spaceship, which sounds weird, but I wanted to make something outside of the box that looked different.

Most of the inspiration for my lab came from TV shows and games that I’m a fan of. I really like vintage things, so the idea of a steampunk lab really sounded appealing to me. I am a huge history fan, so lots of the gizmos and lab tools are inspired by 19th Century science and medical research, hence the syringes, bell jars and flasks. I was also inspired by the SS Madame de Pompadour, from Dr Who, because I really liked the interior of that spaceship, and I think I would like to create something with a similar feel, but much more deteriorated and in disrepair. I was also partially inspired by the Shinra Mansion from FFVII, mostly because I like the eerie abandoned ambience that the place has, and the sort of oppressive dread that the place has, I think I’d like to have a similar feel with my spaceship lab to create some mystery and atmosphere.

Steampunk Mood Board.jpg

I made some concept art for the room I want to make. The sketch is rough but it conveys enough of the features that I need. These photos are bad quality, so at some point I’ll get scans and maybe enhance them a little.



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