Shaders and texturing the spaceship

Today I learned how to add shaders and textures to my 3D model.

In the first part of today’s lesson, I learned how to make and apply shaders to my 3D models. There are a couple of different shaders:

  • Lamberts- Lamberts are matte and not very shiny. In relation to real life material, they are most like fabric, because they don’t reflect light much and don’t have much of a specular reflection. They are quite dull and have a very flat colour.
  • Blinn-  Blinns are quite shiny, and in relation to real life material, they are sort of like crockery becaues they do have a dim specular reflection but it is really dull.
  • Phong/PhongE- Phongs are very shiny, and can be manipulated to look like metals, shiny plastics or glass. They look glossy and usually have a bright specular reflection, and are useful for refractive properties.

I then had a practice run and tried making some of my own shaders. I quickly made and duplicated some spheres, and then opened the hypershade and made some of my own shaders. I made a glass shader out of a Phong, a plastic shader out of a Phong, and a dull metal shader out of a blinn.

I also started making the texture for my Thunderbird model. I ported the UVs to Photoshop and  got some metal textures from to use as a base layer. I then used the painbrush tool and clipping mask to paint over with green, and then I took the opacity down to 83% and changed the layer to ‘multiply’ so that it looked like green metal.

I like what I did with the shaders earlier. I enjoyed making the glass shader, because I didn’t realise you could make transparent and translucent objects, so making this shader surprised me the most. I also enjoyed playing around with reflected colours and eccentricity because that made some interesting effects for my plastic shader. I didn’t have many problems making shaders, because it’s mostly about experimenting with what looks good.

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