Lighting and nulls in After Effects

Today we worked on making a cube in 3D out of 2D rectangles, and then we used the duplicate and snapping tool to snap the corners into the right position to make a perfect teen. I then grouped all of these to a null, made the null 3D, and moved that position to the center, by changing the position to (0.0, 0.0, 250.0). I then made another null and made null 1 a child of null 2. This means that if I change the rotate, the cube will rotate around the center of the cube, and not the side. I then made some spot lights to light the cube in an interesting way.

The part I found most difficult was mostly working out where the tools were. I feel confident that I understand the nulls, but I was a little confused about positioning the

We the briefly worked on some particle effects. I made a rectangle, then gave it a radial gradient that fades from purple in the middle to black in the background. I then added some particle effects, CC Rainfall and CC Bubbles, then played around with the bubble frequency and that wind on the rainfall. Since the gradient is purple, it made the rain and bubbles purple.


Posted in: VFX

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