Robot Character Design: Initial character review

Today I asked people to review my 9 available initial character designs. I got feedback from Ebonny, Eden, Chloe, and Tony, and I askes each of them to list their 3 favourites. Collectively, Kitsune got 4 votes, Yuuki Onna got 3 votes, Namazu got 1 vote and Kuno Ichi got 2 votes.


Ebonny said that she liked the Kitsune best because of the wires for the tails. She chose Yuuki Onna as the second best because she liked the design and the legend, and she chose the Kuno Ichi as third best. Eden chose Kitsune as first best, Namazu as second best and Yuuki Onna as third best. Chloe chose Kitsune as best, Yuuki Onna as second best and Kuno Ichi as third best. I then asked Tony which one looked best, and he said favoured the Kitsune because it is different and he liked how I designed the tails.

After this feedback, I have decided that the design I will adapt into my final design is my Kitsune robot. I took pictures of all of the popular designs and included them in this post. My next step it to develop the Kitsune into a better concept design. Lots of people said they liked the definition on the tails, so I’m defintely going to make sure my final design includes that too. I think I’m going to give it either traditional colours or a flame inspired colour palette, or potentially both, then ask for feedback on which is best.


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