Lighting and rendering Thunderbird 2

Today we learned about lighting and rendering. Earlier I made a post about the theory of lighting, and now I have put it into practice. I opened my thunderbird, and unfortunately I didn’t finish texturing it yet, so instead I applied a blinn and then changed the colour to a similar green colour. I then worked on the lighting, and I used 3 point lighting to make it look good.

I first added an area light, and played with the colours to make it a greeny-yellow colour. I angled it above the ship at an angle so that it could simulate the sunlight. Then, I added a directional light behind the ship in the reverse angle, and lowered the light intensity and added a different colour. This was to act as a fill light to brighten the shadows. I finally added another directional light as my back light. I gave this a turquoise blue colour, because Tracy Island was relatively small in the picture and there’s a lot of water in the picture, so I figured that it would look good with turquoise backlight, as if the light bounced off the water and hit the ship.

Finally, I entered Render View and loaded the model. I then changed the ‘Save as’ settings so that it would save as a Colour-Managed Image, then saved that view as a PNG. I then loaded it into Photoshop and pasted it over an image of Tracy Island. Unfortunately, the image I wanted has a huge watermark over it, so I had to quickly find another one where my lighting would work. Luckily, I think it worked out pretty well.

Overall, I think I did a pretty good job of rendering and lighting. One thing I struggled with was loading the model in Render View, but it was because I kept selecting the wrong button. Overall, I think I understand rendering and lighting pretty well.




Posted in: 3D

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