3D camera tracking

Today in my VFX endeavours, I learned how to use 3D camera tracking. I first made text of my name and changed the font to a big bold font. I then made that object 3D. Then, I pulled in some footage and used 3D camera tracking (under effects, perspective) which tracked the path of camera. I had to go into advanced and turn on ‘detailed analysis’, which found a more detailed path that the camera took.

The next step was to press shift and chose 3 different points to make a bulls eye on the ground. I then right clicked the center of the circle and selected ‘set plane and origin’. I then right clicked again and selected ‘insert shadow tracker’. I opened the text settings in the timeline and changed the position of the text to (0,0,0), and scaled it up. Once it was in the center, the lighting can be changed (but that’s not compulsory). I then played through it to see if it worked and got creative! This is where you make any edits necessary. name.PNG

I had problems with this because I forgot the steps after 3D tracking the footage, so I had to get some help with it. There was also an issue with the 3D tracking o the footage the first time I tried it, so I had to do that again which is why I forgot the steps afterwards.

Posted in: VFX

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