Robot Character Design: Initial design silhouettes progress

This afternoon, I spent my lesson creating silhouettes of some of my robots. Last week, I did a quick poll to see which ones were most popular, and I decided to prioritise those ones. So this afternoon was spent on those robots, and today I have finished 3 silhouettes. I am planning to present my concept art next week as silhouette based art of all of my initial designs of the robots, and then present Kitsune separately.

The silhouettes I made today were of Yuki Onna, Namazu, and Kuno (Kuno is not entirely complete yet). I really like how Yuki Onna turned out, I think so far this one is my favourite because I like the ice detail I added, however I am less fond of Kuno because the proportions on my sketch are wrong and I can’t seem to be able to get them right, and I think that if I was to do it again I would have to try a new pose, which I don’t have time for. My next steps are to make the silhouettes of the remaining initial designs, and finally to finish (or at least get close to finishing) my Kitsune. Here are some photos of my progress on the silhouettes so far.


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