Inside the Box: Work in progress update

So far for my room project I have made most of the smaller models. I have made a jar, flasks, petri dishes, bell jars, books,  cups, a desk, and a ring. My next step is to work on more of the bigger models, such as the other desks and bookshelves and the pipes. Then, I am going to potentially add other, less important models if I have the time. I plan to have my final post for this project up on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Along the way I have run into a couple of problems. There have been small problems like stuggling to work out how to model various objects, but the biggest problem that I have encountered so far is with the texturing. I can’t seem to work out why, but for some reason my models become slightly translucent when I apply the texture that I have worked hard on. This has mostly affected my bench model, which is why it won’t be in the screenshots, and also my books. I will come back with an update and explanation when I work out what the problem is.


I have worked out the problem. The problem was that since I saved my textures as a PNG and didn’t save a background, it for some reason made my textures transparent. To fix this, I added a black background to my texture files which stopped the PNGs from being translucent.

Here are some screenshots of my progress so far.

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