Robot Character Design: Finished

Over the past two days I have finished my concept art for this project. I spent most of yesterday finishing the silhouettes for my 10 initial ideas, and then some time last night working on my final design. I decided to make silhouettes for my initial ideas, because I felt like some of my sketches weren’t up to scratch, and I also felt like they looked better displayed together like that.

I took pictures of all of my sketches and fiddled with the settings to define the lines more. I then opened every one of them in Photoshop and went over them on a separate layer with black paint to create a silhouette. I then, on most of them, went over and added a couple more details that define their abilities. For the Yuki Onna, I added glowing ice blue eyes, and a particle effect that made it look like ice was coming out of her sleeves and feet. For Kashima, I added a yellow glow effect to his sword and eyes, because he is the God of thunder and swords, so I wanted to make it look like lightning was coming out of his sword. For Orochi, I added glowing red eyes because in the legend Orochi has piercing red eyes, so I figured that would work well, and it adds more depth and danger to that design. These are just some of the immediate design elements I added to these characters with their silhouettes that I couldn’t just add in the sketches, and I have to say for the most part, I am happy with how they turned out.

Squad final form.png

I also finished my final design of Kitsune! I made a more detailed post about it on my work in progress post, but here is the finished design. The main design is focused on traditional Kitsune, and the colour scheme is inspired by Kabuki masks. One thing I think I could do better would be to add bolts or more details to the plates, because they look a little plain, but otherwise I am very happy with my final design and the way it turned out.Kitsune.png


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