Lamp animation

Today I made a small animation of a lamp jumping at some blocks…

I made my animation by moving the lamp and setting keyframes. I used pose to pose to make the initial keyframes, and Maya filled in the spaces between. I used basic positioning and rotation to move the lamp around, and saved keyframes to the timeline. I think my animation demonstrates anticipation, because the lamp takes a second to brace itself and wiggles before it pounces. I think I have also demonstrated pose to pose because I made the main keyframes first and filled in the spaces between.

I think actually moving the lamp around and setting the keyframes for the lamp was the easiest part, because that was mostly about what looks good. I definitely need to improve at ideas, because I spent easily half of the time thinking about what to do, and I also need to improve on timing, because I found at first my frames were too close together and the animation looked really jolty and weird. Another thing I need to fix with that particular animation is the blocks, because for some reason they were frozen in time. I think I might need to watch more animated features, because I am really out of touch with recent Pixar feature films, and another thing I need definitely need to try is using the graph editor and the dope sheet. I didn’t get around to trying out the graph editor today because I spent most of the time making any animation, so I didn’t really have anything to tweak with the graph editor, but when I get around to actually making a full animation I really want to try the graph editor.


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