Using Java script for effects

Today I learned how to use Java script code to make effects in After Effects. The lesson started with importing an Illustrator file into After Effects.

I then learned how to make a resonating circle with code. The first step was dragging the background layer into the timeline. I then went into ‘layer styles’, then selected ‘gradient overlay’ and opened the advanced settings and ‘gradient overlay’. From here I changed the blend mode to ‘soft light’ and changed to style to ‘radial’, and changed the scale to ‘120’. I then held ‘alt’ and clicked on the blue clock next to scale to open the code, which I then changed to ‘wiggle(8,30)’ and clicked any other option so that it saves. The ‘8’ means how many times per second it oscelates and the ’30’ is the percentage it changes. This code makes the circle resonate like a candle light.

I had a couple of problems making this work because I kept putting a colon instead of a comma. This was the only problem I had and it was a really easy fix, since the code didn’t save because of the typo, I just had to re-type it.

I then learned a code to make a bouncing ball with squash and stretch. Pete already had the code that we needed, one piece of code for position and another for scale. I pulled the ball into the timeline and then clicked the blue clock next to position, put copied and pasted the position code into there, and then did the same thing for scale with the scale code. Hit play and it made the ball bounce with squash and stretch. I didn’t have any problems with this because it was just copying and pasting code, and it didn’t go wrong. I think if I was to try this again I’d like to try and type the code for myself so that I could maybe learn a little bit of Java code in the process.




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