Ident project: Researching idents

Today I learned about idents. An ident is a clip or small animation that usually plays before the start of a film, for example the Pixar ident with Luxo Jr. before every Pixar film. Idents are also used in between programs on television channels in ad breaks, like E stings on E4

My ident will be inspired by some of Disney’s inanimate objects. The first place I looked was Beauty and the Beast because of the wide range of inanimate objects, such as Lumiere the candlestick and Cogsworth the clock from Beauty and the Beast, because I like the objects they are based on, in particular Lumiere the candlestick because of the way his arms flail around and the flames stay lit. Then I looked at the magic brooms from Fantasia and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, because they are funny and ironic, however I don’t think I’ll take much inspiration from the brooms because they have legs, which I was hoping to avoid making. I also quickly looked at the Doorhandle from Alice in Wonderland, because I think the personality it gives off is that it’s lazy and grumpy, I’d like my ident to convey a personality this effectively, except a happy positive personality, however this character pretty immobile so I’m not going to take too much inspiration from this one.



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