Catch up time

Over the past few days I have been finishing some unfinished art work and also making some new art for my portfolio.

I spent most of Saturday working on an original character that fits under the fantasy section for my portfolio. The character I created was a wood elf called Yumea, and she is a noble knight. Technically I made this character as a personal project, but I figured since I struggle to make original characters, she deserves a place in my portfolio. So far I have only sketched her on paper, and I don’t have a scan yet so I’m going to do that tomorrow.

I have also finished the cartoon character that I made to show volume in cartoon objects. I pulled the scan into Photoshop and then used the brush tool to just paint it and give it colours. It’s a small task that I had been procrastinating on, but I know it can go into my portfolio so I figured finishing it was worthwhile.

Adventure Time cartoon me.png


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