Fantasy Character: Yumea Lorithia

In my catch up post before the holidays, I referenced the creation of an original character called Yumea. I decided that since so much changed about her, she deserved her own post. 

I started off just making a sketch, which I then scanned and sent to Photoshop. I did some line art and gave her some colours which I liked and thought looked cool. Yumea is a Paladin, so she has lots of heavy armour, and I originally gave her a pretty cold colour pallette. She had silver armour with dark leather fixtures, and blue hair (which in hindsight does not work at all for a wood elf). 

I then decided that this design didn’t look right and that the colours looked iffy. I researched wood elves and figured she needed a warmer and more natural colour pallette, so I changed her colours drastically and made her look way more earthy and warm. These colours work much better and bounce off eachother nicer. I think the more silver look of the armour adds to her royal look, because Yumea is a noble knight.

I still think some work needs to be done on Yumea. I now have my own graphics tablet, so I would really like to redo that line art because my shaky mouse lines don’t look great, so I will be fixing that up soon. 


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