Ident project: Planning and storyboarding

Today I worked on the planning of my ident project. I spent most of this lesson brainstorming ideas, because I wasn’t sure what I could have done with the other ident I made before. I asked people what reminded them of me and the general consensus was coffee, so my new ident is going to be a takeaway coffee cup that dances and jumps around. I also did some research and looked at idents from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and it helped inspire what I want to do for my ident, for example I like the curiosity that the Nickelodeon idents had and want mine to have a similar curious nature.

I am going to do a lot of work for this over the next week to make what is missing in my planning. Reflecting on this lesson, I haven’t done as much work as I’d have liked to, and this is mainly because I struggled to think of any ideas. To improve, I’m going to have to get some good ideas and pull together a storyboard before next week.


I have spent more time working on what I want to do. Over the weekend I watched Beauty and the Beast for inspiration, because I thought that Chip’s movements combined with the way the other objects move in the song ‘Be our guest’ could serve as useful inspiration for my coffee cup.

I want to add a bend deformer to my cup so that when it bounces and jumps around there can be some noticeable squash and stretch. I also want the lid of the cup to be separate and have a follow through action, where when the cup jumps excitedly the lid follows through, sort of similarly to how the tankards move. I want my takeaway cup to spin around and pirouette around, almost like the napkins, except it won’t look as fluid because the material isn’t the same. My next step is to make my storyboard, which shouldn’t take too long.



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