Motion tracking and particle effects

Today I learned how to make a squigly line effect that looks like painting with light in After Effects

I first made a null, then made a solid object, and added ‘particle effect 2’ to it. Then opened producer in the timelime grouped it to the null. I used Javascript to make the null wiggle around the screen. By playing with the physics and line thickness on the effect it made what looked like a line of light floating around the screen. Then, I did a similar thing, but used motion tracking to make my signature.

I have learned a lot today, I like that the finished clip I made was unique because no two people have the same signature, and I used different colours on most of my lines which made it stand out and look different. I had a lot of problems remembering what was meant to come next, so I had to ask for help a lot, but otherwise there wasn’t any big problems. If I could improve my work from today’s lesson, I would extend how long the first particle effect lasts, because it cuts out too early and doesn’t look good, or I would make it fade out instead of just disappearing as it does.

After this main focus, I made something that looked like a neon sign. I made a word with the line tool, then was able to add an effect that follows the path and light it up. Then I duplicated it and played around with the effects to blur the duplicate so that it looked like it was emmitting some light. This is currently an unfinished product, so I maybe able to finish it next lesson. 

Posted in: VFX

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