Ident project: Animation blocking, and storyboarding

Today I learned about animation blocking. When animators are animating, they animate in passes. They start off by animation blocking, which is like pose to posing the models, and keyframing the main poses and movements with stepped animation that is quite chunky. This is mainly to work out the timing, and to step by step work out the movements of the thing in it’s most basic form. Then, in the next pass, they fill out the movement between keyframes, and spline the animation, which includes using the graph editor to smooth out movements

So far, I have just finished my storyboard. I made a quick sketch over the past week of 20170126_204833what I want my coffee cup to do, and this is a pretty quick and messy sketch. Infact, the writing is substandard, but I understand and for this quick model it is good enough for me. I decided to include it in this post because it shows my thought process.


I then spent this lesson making a neater, better, more presentable storyboard. I used a template to neatly and effectively plan out the main stills of the animation, and legibly describe each step as it happens. This storyboard is much better, and if I have the time, I would like to make a digital version because it would look much more appealing, however my hand sketched neat version will have to be enough for now.

Ident pg1Ident pg2Ident pg3


Overall, I don’t think this lesson was a waste of time. I have a lot of catch up still to do, and over the next week I will make my model so that next friday I can begin animation blocking for my ident. One thing I could have done better this lesson was work faster, because if I had, I could have finished my model quicker, and begun my animation blocking sooner, however to improve on this I will make sure my model is finished for next week.


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