Dystopian vehicles: Concept sketches

Today I finished my initial idea sketches for my dystopian vehicle project. Admittedly, this is really really late, but better late than never! I made 10 quick vehicle sketches, one of which I will evolve into a 3D perspective sketch, and a 3D model.

The first design is a pair of hover roller boots that are styled like traditional vintage rollerskates. I figured this was a fun idea, it doesn’t fit ‘service vehicle’ too well, but it could be used as a service vehicle for anyone who needs transport on the go, like rocket20170125_162354 shoes. My next idea was a van, it is basic and plain, but it has a crane attached to the back, which seemed useful. It’s designed around brutalist architecture styling, which is why it looks plain. Then, I made a tram, which is also based around brutalist architecture. I like this more because I put a little more development into the sketch, and it seems like an obscure choice of transport. Then, I made a train that is loosely based on the bullet trains from Japan. If I develop this one, I’m gonna put a lot more of an effort into the design, because this sketch just looks like an average speedy train.

My next design was a pair of boots inspired by the maglev train from Japan. It used conflicting magnetic currents to levitate. I figured it could be used because it shouldnt require electricity, so it seems 20170125_162301like something the government could inforce as an environmentally friendly alternative.  I made a design for a bi plane, because planes are a popular mode of transport, and perhaps in a sky-based world, it could become the equivalent of a car. I then made a hoverboard which has a steering bar, since lots of people can’t balance on a skateboard, this felt like a safer alternative to a hoverboard. Then, a hovercraft that can glide effortlessly across water, which is a sea-based world’s equivalent of a motorbike. I then made a motorbike that can hover, similarly to the hover-skates I made earlier. Since people use motorbikes as service vehicles in reality, this felt like a safe design. Then, I made some roller skates that are based on light-cycles from Tron. I thought these looked cool, and admittedly made them for my own pleasure. The boots next to those are boots for walking on water. The sole of the shoes is cold enough to freeze the water on the spot you walk on, and this seems like a really cool idea that could be used in many ways, for example life guarding or general transport in a sea-based world, or they could be used by a legion of knights who need to walk on water to support their strategy. Finally, those bizarre looking boots are boots with mechanical wings on the back. The wings can fold into the back of the boot to create armour for the back of the leg. I was thinking these boots could be used by futuristic knights that float through the sky, hence they could possibly be classed as service vehicles because knights use them to travel.

Overall, I think my designs have a long way to go. This post had so much text because it is hard to convey what the vehicles do without explaining it, since the ideas don’t look too developed. I think I am definitely biased towards some ideas more so than others, so once again I’ll hold a poll amongst my classmates to see which idea is most popular, because I am very biased towards my own work.


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