Dystopian vehicles: Thumbnail feedback

Today I presented my vehicle thumbnails to some of my classmates and Tony. I asked 3 friends to pick their 3 favourites, and then I asked Tony which was his favourite.

  1. Tram- 3 votes
  2. Walk on water shoes, and hoverboard- 2 votes each
  3. Wing boots, hoverbike, and biplane- 1 vote each

From this feedback, I have decided to develop my brutalist architecture inspired tram. This one got the most votes because it’s an obscure idea and it’s an old method of transport that has been reinvented. Tony’s feedback was that it’s an idea that I should run with, and other than that, no-one game me advice on anything to change or improve. Next, I’m going to make the 3D model. I already made a digital 2D sketch of the tram that I am going to make, so that I can base it off that as closely as I can, and today I got started on my 3D model. So far, it’s a box with a lot of edgeloops and extrusions at the top, but hopefully by the end of next week, it’ll look like a functional tram, with brutalist inspired design.


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