Ident project: Learning batch rendering, and animation blocking my ident

Today I learned about batch rendering. Batch rendering is where you render ever single frame of your animation. It produces more professional quality animations than playblasting, and you can use different rendering software to make your animations look better. Batch rendering takes a long time, because every frame needs to be rendered, and you have to make sure that everything is right before batch rendering because it’s a costly and time wasting mistake if anything is wrong. One you have all of your batch rendered PNGs, you can load them into software such as Adobe Premiere which recognises that this makes am animation, and it compiles it into footage.

In todays lesson, I worked on animation blocking my animation. I started this last week but it didn’t work out very well, so I improved it with my time this lesson. I haven’t used any special tools for my animation yet, I just moved my model around and rotated it. You can’t see it so much yet, but in my next pass I will be adding squash and stretch to this animation when the cup is bouncing around, but I think my timing is good so far considering it needs to be under 10 seconds. I also want to improve the arcs of the jumps that the cup makes, because they don’t all feel natural, but that will be easier with the graph editor.

So far, I think the general idea of the animation is working well. I feel that I have mapped out the animation pretty well, and from this point on it’s mostly about smoothing out movements and working it out.



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