New graphics tablet (Wacom Intuos) practice run

For my birthday, I got a graphics tablet so that I can work on my art at home. I decided to do a practice run and give it a test, so I drew one of my favourite game characters, Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I also decided to try out a new art style that I thought was cute, so I drew her in Chibi style. This was mostly to try out a new style, but also because it felt like cheating to draw the same character, looking exactly the same, and putting her on my blog, so I tested myself and figured a new art style would be a fun challenge.

Chibi Aqua.png

If I was to improve anything about this, the biggest bug I have has to be the wobbly lines. I can’t work out how to add any stabiliser to Photoshop, so my lines are incredibly wobbly because of my shaky hands. I do like how the new art style worked out. It is cute, but I am unlikely to put anything else with this art style on my blog, at least until I work on it more, because at the minute it kind of looks like a 5 year old drew it, but it was trying something new so I don’t regret putting it here. Another thing I’d love to improve is the hair colours, because I would like to add more shades to it and make it look nicer.


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