Studio research: Square Enix

Square Enix was founded on the 22nd of September, 1975 in Shinjuku, Japan. Square Enix was created in a merger between the two companies, Squaresoft and Enix, and has partnerships with companies such as Marvel, Disney, Nintendo, and smaller companies such as Machine Zone (a mobile game company), and is also the parent company of Eidos, creators of the Tomb Raider franchise. Some of Square Enix’s most popular games are the Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Life is Strange. In the UK, most of the available jobs are community management and PR jobs, however digging deeper into job searching I was able to find animation jobs and CG movie programmers and renderers (with Visual Works, the company that makes the cutscenes). I would love to apply for a character animation role (however most of these jobs are in Japan so it seems unrealistic for now).

For 3D character animation, the site I found specifies that you need experience in creating animation with 3D tools, with preferred qualifications being understanding how to use Maya and Motionbuilder, and having an understanding of real-time graphics technology and understanding rigging. Once I have finished this course, I will be able to offer experience with Maya, and hopefully I’ll be much better at animation, although once I finish this course I am hoping to go on to university to learn more about animation. Square Enix created one of my favourite game franchises, Kingdom Hearts, and I also loved Life is Strange, although another of my other favourite game companies is Nintendo (mostly for the Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing). Square Enix don’t tend to market themselves with TV adverts much, their biggest form of advertisement is usually through ads on Youtube or pop up adds on related websites, and also with interviews.



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