Ident project: Refining and adding more to my animation

In today’s lesson I added a little more to my animation, and started to work on smoothing out. I only used the moving tool to make my animation today, I didn’t get around to the graph editor yet, but I also used the scaling tool to add a small amount of squash and stretch to my animation. Today I added some squash and stretch to my animation, mostly around the part where the cup lands, because it squashes down, then squashes up and the lid flys off. I also added arcs to my animation, because when the lid bounces off, it follows an arc, and lands on the floor.

Currently, I think that the timing of my animation is working out well. Since the animation has to be less than 10 seconds long, it has to be quite fast paced, however my animation is 8 seconds long, and the timing of the animation doesn’t look wrong or too speedy, it looks slow and steady which to me, feels right. To improve, I now need to smooth the animation out more, because it still looks really blocky, and to do this I will use the graph editor to make things finer and smoother in the splining process. I also need to add some squash and stretch to the movements where the cup is bouncing around, because that will firstly, add more principles, and secondly look better and more natural. I am going to do that by using the scaling tool again, because it feels pointless to add a bend deformer, and I will just go through and add more squash and stretch to each keyframe, possibly adding more keyframes if necessary.


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