Ident project: Splining and batch rendering my animation

Today I worked on splining and batch rendering my ident animation. I made sure that everything was blocked out, and I spent some time adding squash and stretch. At first I added too much squash and stretch, which made the animation look really weird, so I toned it down and it looked better. I then used the graph editor to smooth things out and make the curves look more natural.

Then I moved onto batch rendering. I made a camera and added a light into the scene, and then I changed my render settings to add padding and make it render in 1080p resolution. I then batch rendered my animation and compiled it into Adobe Premier Pro, added the white background, and exported it.

Coffee set up.png

I mostly like how my animation looks now. I like the appeal of my animation. The squash and stretch was a big focus with it, and this gives it a lot of personality which was my biggest aim. I think the arcs could have been better, but overall I think that the animation itself is pretty good. Something about the rendering doesn’t feel right. I think that the fact that the shadow is missing does take something away from the animation overall, which is frustrating but it’s a little too late to change. I think that if I was to improve the lighting, my animation would look better overall because the cup looks too dark and there is no shadow. I also forgot to compress it before uploading it to Vimeo, which is something I’m going to have to not do in the future, but lesson learned.


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