ImAwesome Ident project: Ident submission post

My finished ident.

Overall, I feel that this project went well considering it is my first real animation. I tried hard to include as many principles of animation as I could, and I feel I pulled off squash and stretch, and appeal the best. I like the happy, bouncy personality that the coffee cup displays, and I tried to conserve the volume when I applied squash and stretch so that didn’t look wrong, and I feel like that worked out well. Staging worked out quite well too, I feel like people are probably drawn to what they need to be.

I still feel like there was a lot that needed to be improved. The arcs with the jumping could be improved, some of the jumps just don’t look right after rendering. And I feel like the animation is too fast and could be slower, because after adding squash and stretch I realised that it looks a bit fast. I also would have liked to add the part where it zoomed into the coffee to be added, but this would have taken the animation over the time constraint, so I couldn’t add it.

I think that if I was to come back to this ident to add more improvements, I would probably try and use the 2 spare seconds to smooth out the timings, and I also think I’d like to add some follow through to the lid, so that it lifts open and closed as the cup bounces, as this would add some more appeal to the character too.


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