Solo Game: Week 1

Today I started designing elements and assets for my assessment game. My game is going to be based around collecting pickups to ward away enemies, it’s about a child who is lost in the forest and spirits follow her and put her in danger. Collecting items keeps the spirits asleep for longer, and every item you collect adds more time to how long the enemies are asleep, however when they are awake they seek and follow the main character actively.

My main tasks for today were to:

  • Design the main character
  • Design the spirit sprites
  • Design the collectable item
  • Get the main character moving

I started by making some design sketches in my notebook based loosely on what I wanted, and I then had the idea to adapt the main character to look like a monster, even though she is only a scared little girl, I thought that the design choice would be interesting. I then designed the spirits, and got slightly carried away and made a doodle page of design choices for the levels. Then, I re-created the main character and the spirits digitally in Photoshop.

The next step I will take is to add code to the main character to make her move.

Update: I added movement in the second lesson, but the information needed to be added in this post, so this update is a week late!

The code I used to make her move is a simple movement code that uses co-ordinates to work out vectors, then multiplies these vectors (which in this code is direction) by the force (power) that I chose. The part underneath just updates every second to make the character move.

Character movement updoot



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