Low poly modelling: Rabbit

Today I learned about the ramp shader in Maya’s hypershade, which can be used to make colours blend into eachother like shadows for that shader. I think I might explore this with my bridge model to add some interesting effects and cartoony look, but I will also make a back up which has my original plan so that there is a choice.

I then spent most of the day completing the 3D model of the rabbit, and UV unwraped it too. I made the main body a few days ago, and today I made the head, ears, and tail. I then used the automatic UV unwrap tool, which did a simple job of unwrapping the model.

I think that the model itself looks great so far. I think the snout looks cute, and I like the overall shape of the model because it actually looks like a rabbit, so that makes me happy. I feel like I could have done the neck a little better, because from some perspectives it looks weird, but I think that once there is a texture, it’ll look better, and I think that I could have done the belly a little better, but I’m not sure if  there is anything specifically wrong with it, it could just be a tweaking thing. The UV unwrapping still took a long time, but I feel like it made life much easier to use the auto unwrap tool because it gave me a head start.


Posted in: 3D

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