Low Poly Models: Textured and ready to go

I finally finished the textures for my low poly models.

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For the bridge, I just made a texture in Photoshop and imported it as a lambert for the model.  However, I tried something new for the rabbit, I used the ramp shader to make a white effect that has small patches of grey that shift around slightly based on the perspective. I thought this model would be the better one to try it on, because the bridge took less effort to unwrap and was easier to traditionally texture, whereas the way that I unwrapped the rabbit was finicky, and made it difficult to work out positioning of things (aka I tried to make the paws white, and the rest grey, but I couldn’t consistently work out where the white would match up).

I do really like how the ramp shader worked out on the rabbit, it’s a small thing but I really like it. I don’t actually think that there is anything I don’t like, however there are definite improvements that I could make to these models. I would have liked to add more detail on the bridge, and better show that it was made of wood. I did make a different texture that had sort of wood rings on it, but I didn’t think it would fit with the rest of the world that I was making models for, so I decided to keep it simple. I also would have liked to create a more detailed texture for the rabbit, but finicky UVs made that a challenge that I couldn’t handle, so if I was to improve, I would probably re-do those UVs to make them overlap, and save time and trickiness.

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