VFX Storyboarding

Today I started to put together a storyboard for the VFX shoot we have coming up. I spent best part of today’s lesson making moodboards, and visualising and planning what I would like to do.

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I then spent some time planning and thinking out what I am going to do. My plan is to make environmental changes to a room or area, rather than using effects to make things that look like magical attacks or lightsabers like everyone else. My idea is heavily inspired by Silent Hill, and by Resident Evil 7, because both of these games make huge environmental changes over the course of the games, and I would like to make a similar level of destruction to a room as these games. I want to take the black, mossy biohazard effect from RE7, because I like the spooky deteriorated look it gives the environment, and I also want to take a small amount of inspiration from Silent Hill, because I want it to look a little bit like when the sirens go off in the game, and things start to look twisted and different. I’m thinking my plan so far is to maybe walk into the room, and everything could look normal, but then maybe look around the room and a similar thing to the SH sirens could happen, and all of a sudden the room changes entirely and becomes this destroyed, ruined version of the room.

So far, I haven’t actually made a storyboard yet, and so I will update this post when I have sketched out a storyboard for this shoot.


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