Low Poly Models: Renders

I spent today’s lesson sending my models to the group leader, and making some renders of my models.

I don’t have any renders of the full environment yet, but as soon as I get those I will add them in here.

I made some professional renders of my bridge and rabbit models, which I am very happy with. I used an infinite white background for these renders, and used 3 point lighting to lighten the shadows in the scene. I also made wireframe models to show off the construction of my models.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also tried to make some professional looking slides for my renders, which I am quite happy with. I think I need to explore more with presenting my models professionally because I feel like this needs improvement, however for now I am happy with them.

Rabbit renders.png


I even got around to uploading my model to Sketchfab, and my model can be viewed here…


Overall I feel like this project went really well, as a team we were able to split tasks and help eachother out a lot, I feel like we could have communicated a little more, but nothing went wrong because of miscommunication. From my own work, I am most proud of my rabbit model by far, because the bridge was really simple, whereas the rabbit took real work and planning to make, and I quite a few hours into making it. I think to improve it further I should add some texture files instead of the ramp shader, but as I said before the UVs need some work.

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