Modelling with plastercine

In Tony’s lesson on Thursday, I made a model of a face out of plastercine to demonstrate facial construction. My plan was to build up the face from the skull, to the muscles, and finally to the skin layer. Unfortunately I didn’t get much further than the skull, because I spent a long time trying to get the skull shape looking right.

I feel like making the skull shape went pretty well, because I put dents in the right place for eye sockets, cheek bones and the side of the skull, and I feel like I demonstrated the shape of a skull really well, but I think I could have done a better job of actually progressing and making a face better, because I only added in the muscles on the nose and near the mouth. I think if I was to try this task again I would take a faster approach to making it, because if I was more speedy, the actual shape of the skull wouldn’t have been as important because other features would be covering the eye sockets etc. Ideally I would have liked more time, because nothing was too badly wrong, it was just that I was too slow and didn’t have a chance to finish. Had I given it eyes and a proper mouth, it would probably looked much better.

The skills from this lesson could probably be applied to modelling faces with Mudbox, I have only used mudbox for substance painting so far, but I know that when you model with it, you pull the object around and sculpt it using your mouse, so I feel like the actual techniques and knowledge about modelling using tactile substances will be useful for that. I also think that the knowledge gained from trying to construct a head layer by layer will be useful for drawing and designing characters in the future, because I will be able to visualise muscle structure and work it out more intelligently.


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