ImAwesome Ident project: Improved animation submission post

I spent today working on improving my ident animation. I read over Matt’s feedback which was to

  • Add more anticipation to the coffee cup’s landing
  • Smooth out the lid falling
  • Make sure there are shadows in the re-render

I then invested some time into working on the anticipation, because the timing was off for this. I decided to watch some videos on anticipation in animation, including Extra Frame’s anticipation video, and Alan Becker’s short tutorial to get some inspiration on how to go about this feedback.

I then spaced out the frames in my animation where the cup is squashed down, and changed it from 4 frames to 6, and made the cup squash a small amount further down at frame the 4th frame to make this look more smooth and less like the animation is just frozen. I also noticed that there was some issues with where the lid is positioned, so I tried my best to fix that and make it look better. I then went into the graph editor and this is where I realised that the lid’s movement’s were stuck on clamped movement, so this is why it looked terrible previously. I splined out the movements from the moment it pops off the cup, and this now looks tonnes better.

I also made some rendering changes. I tried to make some changes to the light intensity, because it was very dark in my last render, and I added a fill light to try and compensate for that, as well as slightly bumping up the intensity on the main light. I also made sure I turned on shadows for the main light, because that was one of the bigger issues last time. I also added in an actual endless white background (because previously I cheated and just made a white rectangle in Adobe Premier), I did this by making a plane, adding a ‘use background’ shader, and then selecting Environment in the camera’s attribute editor and changing the colour to white. I also turned off ‘Alpha chanel’ in the render settings so that it would register.

I then pulled the images together in Adobe Premier, and compressed the video in Handbrake, and here it is.

Overall I am now very happy with this animation, I feel like it look good now, and I am very happy with how it turned out. It is so much better with shadows, and the timing feels much better now.


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