Animation in Unity

Most of this lesson was spent on my portfolio, and fixing things up for it, however the main focus of today’s lesson was supposed to be working out how to animate an object within Unity.

I decided to animate a door to open, because I didn’t have any 3D models of my own that could be animated easily in Unity. I made 3 cubes in Unity, and made the middle one door shaped to be the door. I then opened Unity’s animation window, and made a new animation. I made keyframes for opened, and closed, and this ran okay. I then ticked ‘loop animation’ off.

Door animation.gif

Animation attempt screen snap

At this point, I would have attached code to make it only open once a player went near it, however, firstly I forgot how to make a player in Unity 3D, and secondly I couldn’t work out the code I needed to make. Both of these excuses are pathetic, but I spent a little too long on fixing up my portfolio and didn’t leave myself with enough time.


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