High Poly Environment Asset: Sledgehammer concepts and initial designs

Today we were divided into groups and given the task of making one small but high quality asset for a collaborative environment. We first had some group agreements on what the theme would be. We decided that we would first chose the magical fantasy theme, and then decided that the environment that we wanted to make would be a blacksmith’s forge.

We then made some group documents that everyone can access and change, and worked out an assets list, and then we collected some images to create moodboards and draw inspiration from (I have only included the ones that are relevant to my work here).

Assets list

I then started designing some sledgehammers of my own, taking some inspiration from my research. I made 3 initial concepts, and I liked them all very much, so I made a group vote on which is best. The general consensus was my third design, with my first and second only getting one vote each, and my third getting 4 votes.


Sledgehammers concept-1.png

I then made some drawings that are scaled the same, and are from different perspectives of the hammer. I did scale them correctly, and made sure they all had the same measurements in the right places, but the only thing that is wrong with them is that they aren’t all in exactly the same position on the page. However, I’m sure that this can be fixed digitally if needs be.

Sledgehammers all perspectives crop



Overall, I’m incredibly happy with how this sledgehammer turned out in concept. I feel blessed that the group chose one that in theory, looks good to make. It doesn’t look too hard, but it isn’t easy, and it looks appealing too.


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