Fantasy Character Design: The Lorithia family

A few months ago, I designed a character called Yumea Lorithia, a noble knight, and posted about her here. Recently, I designed the rest of her family, because originally I had planned to make a family of wood elves as a fantasy project outside of college. Lorithia family signatures.png

This is the Lorithia family. To the bottom right, I have a better detailed sketch of Yumea Lorithia, the youngest child of the family. Above her, is Ielenia, the middle child, and in the middle of the bottom row, is Aelar, the eldest. The lady in the top right is Enna Lorithia, the mother, and at the bottom right is Rolen Lorithia, the father. I decided to flesh out Yumea’s backstory, because she is the first character I have ever originally designed, and I figured it would be easier to improve her if she had some backstory.

The main reason I am making a blog post about this is to show how my art has improved over the past few months. My original drawing of Yumea didn’t have much detail to her face, so I wanted to draw her head, just to work out what she looked like. The drawings look quite messy, but this is intentional, because I wanted to show that these drawings are scans from my sketchbook, that I have taken into Photoshop and painted over with colours that had layers on ‘Multiply’ mode.

I am really happy with how these drawings have turned out. I am very very happy with Yumea, Ielenia, and Enna, but I feel like Aelar and Rolen could have been better. I think it is the eyes that need improving, they just don’t look right to me. This is the first time I have drawn an original male character, so I’m not going to judge myself too harshly.


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