VFX project: Planning and filming

I spent today planning for my VFX project. I made my plans and risk assessments, and then set off with my friends and started filming on location at Hylton Castle, because most of the group wanted to film there. I then started to panic that my footage couldn’t be filmed there, so I filmed some backup footage incase I couldn’t get around to my originally intended project.

I originally planned to for my project to be based on Silent Hill, and my plan was to film a pan shot of a room and then edit the room slowly turning dark and make the walls cover in darkness and change like the walls in Silent Hill, because I like horror games and the idea of making  environmental changes appeals to me most. I made a basic risk assessment and plan for this project

Environment project plan

Then, when we were filming at Hylton Castle, I got worried that I didn’t have any footage, so I filmed a short clip based on a cutscene in Persona 3 where the protagonist shoots themself in the head to unlock their persona. I am interested in playing the Persona games, so I figured this was relevant, however this is currently a backup plan, because it doesn’t feel wise to have footage in my portfolio of me shooting myself in the head, and I am not 100% sure on how to go about this, however here is some planning and a risk assessment, incase I decide to go ahead with this project.

Persona project plan.PNG

Eventually, I will make some storyboards for whichever of these projects I decide to go ahead with, however I will probably include this in an update to the post.

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