Final post – Portfolio review, and end of year 1 summary

This morning I presented my portfolio, and overall I feel like it went quite well. The presentation itself was nerve-wracking, however I managed to get through it without being too harsh on my own work, because this is where I fell short last portfolio check.

Portfolio feedback

I received some mixed feedback, because my portfolio was admittedly very biased towards animation and 3D modelling, and therefore received quite a lot of constructive criticism for other things. Hopefully I’m not misquoting any of this, but here is the feedback.

  • My ident animation could still use some improvement, mostly for the lid of the cup, but overall I need to keep animating and improving my existing work to get better at it. My walk cycle can be worked on over the holidays, and I should maybe try animating ballet movements that I am familiar with.
  • I still need to make my VFX project, because ultimately there was nothing to review for this in my portfolio without it, so I need to make something for that ASAP, and submit it in time for the extended deadline.
  • My existing gesture drawings are a good start to this form of art, however I should experiment more with replicating the flowing movements. Focus less on the body, and more on the action lines and overall movement itself.
  • Experiment with new art styles, trying new styles will broaden my horizons and help me develop my own art style. Stray away from what I know for a while, and try new styles.
  • More content based on games design is needed. I should next time add content from either my walking simulator game, my spaceship game, or ideally a game that I have made in my own time.

Overall, I am very happy with this feedback! I completely understand why I need to up my game with VFX and games design, because those sections of my portfolio were really lacking quality content. I am overjoyed with the feedback I received for animation and 3D modelling in particular, because these sections are overwhelmingly positive, and I am also very happy with the concept art feedback, because this was mostly positive too.

Overall progress

My progress over this last year, in my opinion, is amazing. At the start of this year, I knew absolutely nothing about 3D modelling, and I was very new to coding, and now I think that those areas have improved immensely. VFX has always been a tricky part of the course for me, however I think that it is something that I am still gradually improving on. My art style itself has improved a lot since the start of this year, there wasn’t too many examples of this in my portfolio, however I can draw proportions much better now. My animation knowledge at the start of this year was limited to a couple of the principles of animation, however now I have a much better understanding of theory, and have learned how to animate with Maya, which feels like a tremendous improvement.

Chosen discipline

Next year, I would like to specialise in animation mostly, because animation is something I feel very passionate about. I have wanted to be an animator since before I even started the course, and throughout the course I have really enjoyed learning more about animation and actually trying my hand at 3D animation. I realise I still have a long way to go with animation, but it is something I never want to give up on. I have already planned things that I want to animate over the holidays, and planned how I want to develop and improve my existing animations.


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